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Seminar with Master Peros


This 2-hour training session with Master Peros turned out to be an exciting, fun and informative session for students of all ranks and abilities. Ranging from some interesting stretches and excersices to some new sparring techniques.

I think i can speak for all those who was there when I say that training with Master Peros was great fun and I would deffinatly do it again.

We managed to get a group photo and a respecful handshake at the end of the session just before we walked away tired but aching for more.


Welsh Closed Championship Winners


All who entered the competition walked away with a trophy or medal for their perfomances.

Rhys who ended up competing with the red belts due to a mixup even walked away with 3rd.

Owen Jones - 3rd - Senior Middleweight Green belt Sparring

Rhys Jones - 3rd - Senior Middleweight Blue/Red belt Sparring

Matthew Lovering - 3rd - Junior Heavyweight Yellow belt Sparring

Frances Bateman - 2nd - Womens Tagteam Sparing



Congratulations to All, 100% Pass Rate Continues.


Abergavenny Tae Kwon-Do celerbrate yet again as the whole class pass there latest grading with flying colours.








Welsh Closed Championship Trophy Winner!


Lynda Ann Williams holding the first place trophy for her division.
Stood next to her is Charlotte Boyle from the Monmouth TAGB club.







Welsh Open Championship Medal Winners.


3 members of Abergavenny Tae Kwon-do came away from the Welsh Championships with medals around their necks.


The competition was tough but Rhys Jones and Merren Edwards claimed Bronze medals while Matthew Lovering took away a Silver in the Sparring.




100% Pass Rate Continues with Grade 'A's all round.


Yet again our high standard of training pays off as everyone passes there grading with A's or A* pass marks.








Medal Winner at the South Midlands Championship.


Medal Winner Owen Jones received a 3rd place Bronze medal after a 2nd round elimination in the Yellow/Green belt Welterweight Sparing at the South Midlands Championship competition; which was also his first time competing.


Rhys Jones (right) also competed in the same division but went out in the first round.





July 2009 - December 2009

C K Choi

Grandmaster C K Choi - 9th Degree Black belt.


Enjoy a rare opportunity to train with Grand Master C K Choi on his visit to the UK on Feb 27th 2010 in Cardiff. Grand Master Choi was one of the original Masters who developed our martial art along with General Choi the founder. He admired how the TAGB had retained the original style of Tae Kwon-Do and hence offered to hold seminars, unique to the TAGB around the country.







Grade 'A' passes all round for the Abergavenny TAGB students.
Well done everyone, fantastic results! Keep up the good work.


We are a small and friendly club focused on the traditional values set by Gen Choi, the founder of Tae Kwon-Do. We work hard at our fitness and reap the benefits. We have fun and develop stamina at the same time. We learn powerful effective techniques and their implications.


We learn about self control, discipline and perseverance and demonstrate this each lesson. We gain courage, confidence and develop humility through our martial art. If this is the way you think then come and meet us, we are a friendly bunch with a common goal.



Founding Members of the
Abergavenny TAGB School of Tae Kwon-Do


Here is Owen Jones (top left), Rhys Jones (top right) soon after their first grading from 10th kup to 9th kup. Also here is Charlie Burge (bottom left) and Joseph Lewis (bottom right).